What is International roaming service?

International roaming is an opportunity to use the services of foreign mobile operator under the agreement between mobile operators within any country. Thus, a user maintain his mobile number. The cost of subscription fee varies over a wide range. Everything depends on the agreement of partners.

How can you get International roaming service?

  1. From your mobile operator;
  2. By means of an International SIM card;
  3. From foreign mobile operators. 

Which mobile communication do Russian tourists use abroad?

Cheap mobile communication abroad stopped being something impossible for tourists. Of course, if you do not get tariff plans from local mobile operators. Local operators offer very high cost per minute of conversation. However, the same we can say about messages.

The alternative to this method is getting a new SIM card from a foreign mobile operator. Generally, the mobile communication abroad is several times cheaper. However, you will have to buy a new SIM card and change your mobile number. If you are going to visit several countries, you will have to buy feature packages more than once.

The most optimal solution is buying an international SIM card.

Cheap international roaming service with the Cryptosim SIM card is the most cost-effective method of getting mobile communication abroad. Our company has partners all over the world. As a result, our clients have ability to make phone calls at reasonable prices (0.25 euros per minute). You also have ability of getting a feature package for making unlimited phone calls anywhere in the world. The cost is 200 euros! After buying the Cryptosim SIM card, you will get not only cheap phone calls, but also unlimited Internet access. You will not need to change your mobile number with our international roaming service!