Call from any place in the world at affordable prices!

Phone calls from abroad at the price of one euro and more per minute of conversation can drain your mobile account in one shot. Nevertheless, people want to share their impressions with their loved ones on the journey. Our families worry about us and wait for our phone calls. What should we do?

There is a way out! The best solution is an international SIM card. By means of this card, you will be able to call from every corner of the world at reasonable tariffs! At the same time, you do not need to change your mobile number. What is the catch? You do not need to look for hidden pitfalls, because international roaming service provides for the agreement between mobile operators. Consequently, the Cryptosim system clients get more affordable tariffs from foreign mobile operators. 

How can you get mobile communication abroad?

Your country's mobile operators offer profitable phone calls from abroad to your country. But in fact, the cost is much higher in comparison with the cost of foreign operators. The advantage is that you have ability to maintain your mobile number. The disadvantage is that you need to pay high subscription fee even for messages. Do not just expect them to provide you traffic at reasonable tariffs.

Most tourists make phone calls from abroad to their country of origin by means of landline telephones, which can be found at any hotel. The advantage is that you have to pay for a phone call at once. The disadvantage is that the tariffs are too high.

You can buy a SIM card form a foreign operator. The feature package is not cheap, but the cost per minute of conversation is cheaper in comparison with tariffs of your country's mobile operators.

Phone calls with the Cryptosim SIM card

Therefore, the Cryptosim SIM card is the most profitable method of making phone calls from abroad. An average price per minute of conversation is 0.25 euros. You can buy a feature package for making unlimited phone calls at the price of 200 euros. However, the Cryptosim SIM card advantages does not stop here. You can get the Internet access. The Cryptosim SIM card is the best method for people, who want to keep in touch on their journey!