Call to CIS countries at domestic tariffs!

After the appearance of international SIM cards, the mobile communication became affordable anywhere in the world! This has been made possible by cooperation with foreign mobile operators. You need to buy the International SIM card for getting affordable tariffs.

Unfortunately, not all tourists and travelers know about the existence of the Cryptosim system. As a result, most people call abroad at high tariffs. Otherwise, they do not call their loved ones at all. Stop it! Call to CIS and other neighboring countries at reasonable prices!

You will not be able to find prices that are more profitable!

Let us compare International mobile communication with other methods of getting mobile communication abroad.

1) Getting cellular services in roaming from local mobile operator.

It is very expensive method! Local operators take the same subscription fee for an hour of conversation abroad as for a month of making domestic calls. Internet access is out of the question.

2) Buying a SIM card from foreign mobile operators.

The cost of feature package is higher. You need to change your mobile number. However, there are some advantages. You have ability of getting more affordable prices for phone calls to CIS countries in comparison with your country's mobile operators.

3) Landline and public telephones.

Using landline telephones is a perfect way of getting communication abroad for people, who do not need to keep in touch all the time. This method is not convenient and cheap, but you have ability to pay one-off fee for each phone call.

Calls to CIS countries are available with the Cryptosim SIM card!

Proceeding from all the available methods it becomes clear that international service providers have the most affordable tariffs. In particular, it is the Cryptosim system. Do you know why? Because international roaming involves cooperation between mobile operators. Through the amount of attracted clients, the Cryptosim Company offers affordable tariffs. You need to buy the SIM card once and you will get phone calls at reasonable prices. The cost per minute of conversation is 0.25 euros.