Forget about roaming with the Cryptosim SIM card!

Most tourists associate their mobile communication in roaming with big expenses. In most cases, roaming costs too much. That is why tourists prefer to buy SIM cards from foreign operators thus overpaying for SIM cards. In addition, if they need to visit several countries in Europe, they will have to allocate a decent amount of cash for purchasing cards. However, International SIM card is an alternative solution for this problem! Cryptosim Mobile communication is at least two times cheaper than local cellular service. In addition, you get one SIM card, which is valid anywhere in the world.

Mobile communication at a reasonable price!

Let us consider all the available methods of providing mobile communication to figure out the best one. We will consider the most popular methods among tourists:

  1. Roaming – is the most expensive way. An average cost per minute of conversation is 50 cents and more. Local operators take a big subscription fee even for messages.  
  2. Landline is the easiest way of communication without roaming which is available for payments by credit cards or cash. It is not easy way if you have not ability to stay in one place for a long time. Furthermore, landline can be rather expensive in hotels!
  3. Feature packages of foreign operators have reasonable tariffs for calls to Russia, but SIM cards are very expensive. If you are going to visit several countries during your tour, you will have to buy feature packages more than once. Such costs are likely to be significant.

Calls from Europe at local prices!

Therefore, the Cryptosim International SIM card provides the most available mobile communication without roaming. We offer reasonable prices for subscription fee, messages and Internet. The cost per minute of conversation is 0.25 euros. You will have to pay only for a SIM card. A cell phone number is valid anywhere in the world! Therefore, having become our client, you get discount for calls all over Europe.