Mobile communication for tourists!

Whenever you go on a tour or leave for another country to visit your relatives, you have to think about the choice of a mobile communication abroad. It would be preferable to do it in time, otherwise, you will have to overpay for the mobile communication abroad! Let us consider all the optimal methods of making phone calls abroad. Therefore, you will be able to make the right choice in advance and to save on your mobile communication. 

  1. Getting a new tariff plan from your mobile operator;
  2. Tourist SIM card;
  3. Foreign SIM cards.

In addition, we will discuss which tourist SIM card is better to buy for getting the Internet access abroad!

Affordable international SIM cards!

In general, the services of your country's mobile operators are more expensive than the tourist SIM card ones. The subscription fee for the Internet service, messages and phone calls will drain your mobile account.

For understandable reasons, tourists buy SIM cards from foreign mobile operators. A new SIM card do not come cheap abroad. At the same time, tourists have to overpay for new SIM cards every time they cross the border. In addition, they have to change their mobile numbers. 

The best solution of this problem is the Cryptosim tourist SIM card for Internet access and mobile communication.  Our company offers you one mobile number, which is valid anywhere in the world and phone calls at affordable tariffs! The cost per one minute of conversation is 0.25 euros. This price is much cheaper in comparison with tariffs of your mobile operators. A full feature package for unlimited phone calls is for 200 euros!

The Cryptosim provides for unlimited Internet access for tourists!

Besides the Cryptosim SIM card offers phone calls at reasonable prices, our company also provides unlimited Internet access. Why are the tariffs so affordable? We have partners all over the world and set up our tariffs in advance. Therefore, after buying the Cryptosim SIM card, you will be able to get the mobile communication at affordable price!