Unlimited phone calls anywhere in the world!

Mobile communication with unlimited feature package abroad is a very expensive pleasure. Unfortunately, people begin thinking about mobile communication after their arrival to a foreign country. As a result, tourists buy SIM cards from foreign mobile operators. Therefore, they have to change their mobile numbers and pay a lot of money for feature packages. Furthermore, they will have to buy a new a mobile number every time they cross the border. The alternative to this way is getting a new tariff plan from your mobile operator. In that case, the subscription fee will be very expensive and your mobile operator will draw a lot of money from your mobile account. The cost per minute of conversation is several times more expensive in comparison with subscription fees of foreign mobile operators. What should you do?

Affordable mobile phone calls abroad!

Most tourists use landline and public telephones. Such method of communication is perfect for people, who leave for a tour without a necessity of keeping in touch. The advantage of this method is that you have to pay cash. The disadvantage is that you need to look for a way of communication. You can find landline phones in hotels.

The most interesting and reasonable method is mobile communication with an unlimited feature package!

Mobile communication at a reasonable price anywhere in the world!

Get mobile communication by means of the Cryptosim International SIM card! Our company offers one of the best methods of getting mobile communication outside your. You need to buy the Cryptosim SIM card only once in order to get unlimited phone calls anywhere in the world. The cost of unlimited phone calls is 200 euros. In addition, you can get unlimited Internet access. 

However, you do not need to set up a full range of the Cryptosim SIM card services. You can call at the price of 0.25 euros, when you need. No other mobile operator can offer such an affordable mobile communication without limitations abroad.