Cryptosim is a sim card for calls and internet which you can use in any country at fixed prices.
Yes, on the official cryptos.im site there is a section called “Virtual Numbers”. There you can buy a virtual number which you can receive calls to. We have a large variety of virtual numbers of various countries - you choose. The price of calls is fixed.
After you activate sim card on our official site you will get €10 that you have spent for buying it to your balance. (Shipping fee is not refundable)
After the sim card is inserted into the phone, it is automatically activated. In the first message you will receive a login and password from your personal cabinet at cryptos.im.
After you received your login and password, you will need to go to the official website cryptos.im in order to top up your balance and buy a virtual number. Replenishment of balance and payment for services is available through credit cards (VISA, MasterCard), wire, PayPal, Bitcoin. All payments are credited in euros.
You can check the balance for free. Just dial *100# and press «Call».
Our sim card has perforation in 3 standard formats: Standard size, Micro-sim, Nano-sim.
Tariffs for calls are fixed in any country in the world: 1 minute - 0.25 euro, unlimited communication - 250 € per month.
The cost of 1 Mb of Internet depends on which country you are in. The price table for different countries can be found here: https://cryptos.im/internet-price/
  1. Complete network security and A5 / 1 call encryption;
  2. Payment with credit cards, bank transfers and even Bitcoin;
  3. Fixed prices for calls in any country;
  4. Absence of unjustified write-offs and transparent expenditure statistics.

Of course, you can buy a SIM card in any country, but you will encounter some problems:

  • You need to find a store;
  • You need to know which operator offers the cheapest tariffs in a given country;
  • You need to choose the right tariff;
  • If you need to call your home city, then roaming can be very expensive;
  • Every time you visit different countries, you will encounter these problems again and again.

We offer comfortable communication at reasonable prices. Once buy a sim card, and you will forget about all these problems.